Welcome to the Business Informatics Group

As we are utilising the benefits of recent technological innovations, such as information, mobile and sensor technologies, an ever increasing amount of data is created and gathered in organisations. Data is gathered through and stored in various business applications. In addition, the use of identification and mobile devices as well as sensor and surveillance techniques provides a plethora of data about almost every business relevant event. At the same time, the scope of data collection is increasing. Data is not only collected about the internal business processes, but increasingly concerning the external business environment, suppliers and customer profiles and interactions.

Technological innovations will continue for some time; however as these technologies mature and its use become pervasive, challenges will shift towards the managerial aspects of these data-rich environments.

This is where our research starts!
Management of data-rich environments.

With our research we aim to increases the efficiency of transforming raw data into useful information and disseminating information throughout the enterprise; thus creating business value by providing better information to decision makers.

Key to our research is to provide knowledge transfer to enterprises in form of guidelines or methods of the proposed solutions. This enables enterprises to understand and learn how to improve the management of data-rich environments, and thus improve the information value proposition in organisations.